Kicking the worry out of websites!

We deliver headache free, turnkey website solutions.  As our motto says, our goal is to give you a worry free web solution where we build, maintain, update, secure, and even market your website.

Our Goal

A Worry-Free Solution

Don’t worry, get a web ninja! 

What makes web ninjas so worry free?

  • We build your site, all you do is pick a design and tell us a little about your business, we do the rest
  • We take care of all the technical stuff, from building the site, to upkeeping it, to updating it on a regular basis
  • Our hosting plan includes unlimited (updates to text and photos)
  • We act like an extension of your team with great customer service and decades of industry knowledge
  • We get you online quickly – most of our sites are live within days
  • We secure and backup your sites, so no worries about getting hacked or having to deal with days of downtime for your business
  • We can market your site as well – our digital marketing team can help you get more traffic to your business
  • Full array of premium services, including the option to expand your website and its functionality as your business grows and expands


  • $199 one time setup, plus $49/month for our turnkey hosting, maintenance, updates, security, daily backups


  • $1199 one time – You own the site day 1, and can host with us for $49/month or maintain the site yourself


  • Start with $199 one time setup, plus $49/month for our turnkey hosting, maintenance, updates, security, daily backups – then purchase the site whenever you are ready for a pro-rated amount (i.e. $899 after 12 months with us, or $599 after 2 years with us)

Rent to Own

  • $99/month for 12 months, plus $49 for hosting/maintenance/updates for 12 months – After 12 months, you own the site and can choose to continue to host with us (for $49/month), or maintain the site on your own

Multiple pricing options

Our pricing is worry free too!  We know each business is different, so we wanted to provide multiple payment options that fit their specific needs. 

Get online in no-time

Simple Process

Part of kicking the worry out of websites is making the signup and setup process very easy.  It’s a simple 3 step process.

1. Select Design

Choose a design from our template library.

2. Pick Colors

Select a color scheme.

3. Provide Content

Tell us a little about your business.

What we do

Key Services

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Website Design

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Marketing Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    • Our SEO service seeks to give your website a power boost in Google rankings

Social Media Management

    • Our social media managers work to get your social media presence live to increase your brand awareness and business presence

Google Ads

    • Utilize the power of Google ads to get direct access to your target audience

Hosting, Maintenance, and Updates

Every customer gets:

    • Hosting
    • Site Maintenance
    • Unlimited Text & Image Updates
    • Daily Backups
    • Secure (SSL Certificate)
    • Free (text based) Logo
    • Free Google My Business (GMB) Setup
    • Free QR code (directly linked to your site)
    • Technical Support
    • Fast servers for optimal performance

Premium Services

One-on-one Consultation and Live Site Creation

    • This will allow you an opportunity to have direct access to our developers to make changes live and real time

Premium graphic logo design

    • We will help get a graphic logo that represents your company and gives it a powerful brand presence

Site Upgrades

    • Add more sections, an additional page, add a blog, or get help adding audio/video content, we are here to help your website grow as your business grows
Why Us

What Sets Us Apart

The majority of our clients are small businesses that either don’t have the time or the technical knowledge to get a website up and running.  They also want affordable payment options that make building, maintaining, and updating their site cost effective.  Overall, they want an easy, worry free web experience that allows them to focus on what matters most, their business.  With Web Ninjas, our focus is to “Kick the Worry Out of Websites.”

  • A no headache solution – peace of mind that everything will work, 100% of the time
  • We build, host, maintain, secure and update your site – we’ve got all bases covered
  • Easy sign up, and even easier development process – just tell us a little about your business and we do the rest
  • Like hiring your own personal web team as an extension of your organization
  • High-quality, Worry free , secure websites
  • Digital marketing services (SEO & social media management) to further your reach
  • Ability to get your business online QUICKLY – as little as a few business days to get your business online
  • Committed experts that will be an extension of your organization

Better Quality & Results Than Freelance Sites

While freelance sites offer you websites at low prices, the results can lack quality, and most important it can be extremely difficult to communicate with your freelancer. You often don’t understand them, and even more concerning, they often don’t understand you, your business, or your needs.

Easier Than Build Your Own Website Services

Most build your own websites grab your attention with their do-it-yourself platforms, but most users end up finding it difficult to use and don’t like the final results. Some even end up reaching out to an expert to help them finish the site.

Cheaper Than Boutique Firms

These firms are great and can provide you expertise, as well as customized design and features, but you have to pay a premium to get that level of service. For some businesses, this is much more “website” than they need for a price they can’t afford.

Add-On Options

We offer many add-ons that help customize to your business needs, including customization, performance and security upgrades, extra sections or pages, premium logos, content writing services, and much more. See our add-ons page for more details.

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